By: Jose Castillo & Claudia Pardo

What is an Assignment?

Tags: assignments, assignment units, buying an assignment, selling an assignment

This video explains what an assignment is in Real Estate and the most basic aspects to keep in mind when buying one in Toronto. Keep in mind that this video explains the concept of "Assignment". The actual sale of an assignment involves details and complexities that MUST be addressed by the right professionals. Make sure to hire a great Realtor and lawyer. If you're planning to buy a...Read More

By: Jose Castillo & Claudia Pardo

Detaching Emotionally From Your Property

Tags: Home selling, decluttering, home staging

More often than not, we come across property owners who want to sell their homes for the best possible price but find it hard to become “detached" from their property. We explain to them that once they've made the decision to move on, they need to commit and do what it takes for it to sell. Detaching means removing personal items, decluttering, storing over sized furniture and even ...Read More

By: Jose Castillo & Claudia Pardo

What you Need to Know about Property Taxes in Toronto

Tags: property taxes, property taxes toronto, phase-in property tax

A commonly asked question we often get when working with our clients in Toronto relates to property taxes. They are eager to know what they are, what they are used for, when they are paid and how they impact their property. Although there is a lot to cover about them, we thought we'd make an attempt to address them briefly through this article. Property taxes are...Read More

By: Jose Castillo & Claudia Pardo

Mortgage Rules in Effect Now

Tags: mortgage rules toronto, toronto home buyers, mortgage rules

The new mortgage rules scheduled to come into effect on February 15th, 2016 are here now. These will have a direct impact on buyers  within the $500,000 and $999,999 range, who are paying less than 20% downpayment for the purchase of their home. These new rules seek to vary the down payment required for a home purchase, by increasing it from the current 5% to a 10% of the value of homes in th...Read More