Jose Castillo & Claudia Pardo

Real Estate Sales Representatives


In 2011 we made the decision to come to Toronto with our family and 2012 was the year in which we started our real estate career in this city as part of the best real estate brokerage in town: RE/MAX Hallmark Ltd. We started our real estate career in 2001 in the Dominican Republic and many asked back then why we left this paradisiac country if we had a nice life, were comfortable and had a great business running. The best answer we have is that we've always thought and believed that that's exactly when you have to make changes in your life: when you're comfortable. Change will make you so uncomfortable that you will feel more alive! We knew no-one in Canada and had to start from zero in all senses, but we were just positive that we would make it work. As far as we were together as a family, everything was going to be fine. And everything's been more than fine! It's been a challenge full of great lessons and constant growth, but it has also been an amazing journey.

This passion and belief is what we give our clients. We believe in the power of information and education and that's what we've intended to instill in them, regardless of them being buyers or sellers. Our negotiation techiniques, together with the ability to understand the needs of those who trust in our service, have become the tools that have allowed us to efficiently advice many buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, ever since we started our career. This has only translated into achieving great results for them while at the same time, obtaining prestigious production awards such as the Hall of Fame, Platinum Club and 100% Club RE/MAX Awards.

We're thankful and thrilled to be here and thankful for being your agents of choice!